Artful lies

Artful Lies (Hunt Legacy Duology, #1) Artful Lies by Jodi Ellen Malpas
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Outstanding, swoonworhty, captivating,funny, very romentic ,Must read , Highly recommended

So if you are fan of “This Man” and love all work by Jodi Ellen Malpas then Trust me you really don’t want to Miss this marvellous book of her.

Once again she did it again

It was realy captivating From the beginning of the book. It start with a beautiful encounter between Eleanor cole and Becker Hunt that made you want to glue with the story to see where their fate will lead.

Let me tell you my feelings for Becker has been changing from love to hate then love again. Other than his charming personality , he was also very annoying, irritating , cockey, very controlling, possessive, conceited , irresistible, and sinfuly handsom. And his handsomness tenfold when he wear Glasses, yes you read it right he wear specs that made him even more Sexy.

Whenever they are together he never stop to seduce Eleanor . ONE minute he trying to pull her in his charm and second later he try to push her away . I love their cat and mouse game, and continuing poking each Other , making infuriate each other whenever they are in close vicinity and damn! I Loved their sexy banter .
I hate him when he used her for his own benefit and Eleanore knew that what he is doing but she was kind of helpless to resist him But that didn’t stop her to confront him for what he done to her time and again. There was constant sexual tension between them which they both try to resist almost in half the book there had been push and pull relation between them but eventually they both surrender to their urges. And later made a truce between each other, BY signing DNA CONTRACT , and just like Eleanore I read that again and again and I bet you would also love when you read it your self especially the section 3.1 , 3.2 infect rest of that.

Now when you think it’s going smooth and lovely then you are mistaken , there comes the unexpected turn that you really wouldn’t see that coming. It was mind blowing and I am kind of still reeling what have just I read at the end .
That bloody cliff hanger is literaly killing. Made me so desperate and u know I wouldn’t be calm until I will read the conclusion of Eleanor and Becker.

Over all its written very skilfully and beautifully. I really enjoyed every bit of it.

Note: Highly recommended to all the girls who are sucker for possessive controlling and very irresistible aloha male .


A brand new irresistible and passionate romance from the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of the This Man series

An irresistible connection, a desire that won’t let go…

When aspiring antiques dealer Eleanor Cole is handed the chance of a lifetime to work for the Hunt Corporation, the renowned antiques dealers, she doesn’t think twice.Only to discover she’ll be working up close and personal with the notorious and insanely irresistible Becker Hunt. He is a man famous for getting what he wants, and Becker wants Eleanor.

But as Becker pulls her deeper into his world, she discovers there’s more to him than meets the eye.

And falling for Becker goes from being foolish to dangerous…

Move over Jesse Ward and Christian Grey, it’s time to fall in love with Becker: the ultimate alpha hero!



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