About me

I am Beenish Kamran, I am a housewife and a mother, and want to live my life with peace and love and also believe in unity, equality and sharing love and kindness towards others,(no human race is superior to others).
well reading was my passion since I was a child, I used to read books in my native language which is URDU, reading ENGLISH literature was a dream for me as I wasn’t so fluent in English at my youth age, but gradually my English skills got better, now I can proudly say that I can easily communicate with anybody around the world.
If I tell you when I started reading English books so, my English novels reading journey started in 2016, believe me, there is the story behind it, “how, when, and why I started reading the novel” that soon become my love later turn into passion. the whole story soon I will share in my blog post. so, since 2016, I have read 100s of books, now as you all can see that I am a blogger, reviewer of books, although I am not a graphic designer sometimes I create book related graphics, and now soon I gonna launch my online store where you will find all the book goodies that a book’s lover would love to have in their shelves.

i am very house orianted woman,people who claim to know me they describe me as kind , loving and caring.

when i am not bussy with my household stuff and taking care of my children then you will have found me in my comfy corner on my couch relaxing with hot cuppa tea and reading books, other than book reading, my other interest are websurfing ,occupied with social media stuff, binge watching netflix and sky and HBO’s superhit series/dramas.

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‘Be kind to everyone’