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so when people point out your mistakes

SO, i am writting this post spontaniuosly, without giving it much thought , well first let me introduce myself,


My Name IS BINISH, And PEOPLE Who LOVE ME Call Me bini, I am on the threshold of 40 which soon i will cross and my 40s era would start soon ( i wish i would remain young like 17 but alas❕). anyways, I am a housewife, and a mother, my origin is PAKISTAN but I am residing in GREAT BRITAIN for ages. my MOTHER LANGUAGE is URDU, but I can easily communicate in ENGLISH as well, in my country English is a compulsory subject through your all educational journey from primary to secondary till college, and I am not proud to say that mostly gov school in Pakistan are below average so you can understand how much we have to struggle to learn (well schooling in Pakistan is another subject that needs to be discussed in detail may be in other post but in this post, it doesn’t need to be written in detail. so getting on to my point, though I can’t say that I am eloquent but nevertheless I feel proud to see where I am now and how much my language skills been improved,

now if I tell you about my blogging journey or reviewing books on GOODREADS well its all started in the year 2016, which another story to write down and soon I will be writing about that also. and I have written nearly 100 reviews there and I know all of them would have full of grammar and spell mistake, I know i can go back and change my reviews but it would be tiring and also it’s not in me to go through each review and make it grammatically correct,

Lately, I have been criticized ever since I launch my this blog on WordPress, that how my reviews were cheap and my writing skills are way poor than standard, and there were spell and grammar mistakes also, (well HELLO I AM DOING THIS AS HOBBY, NOT LIKE MY REVIEWS ARE PUBLISHING IN THE TIMES OR IN NEW YORK TIMES )

Well those who were my well-wisher, I take their advise open-heartedly, and their advice was well appreciated, but there were some people who thought themself as a SHEKSPARE OFFSPRING and they thought that they only have all the legal rights to be eloquent in ENGLISH, instead of to make appreciate other’s effort and to correct them in a friendly manner they patronise them, which is very upsetting, and someTIMES its make my moral down.

To let you all know, specifically to them who had negative thoughts about me or my hobby, that it will never deter me to pursue what i love to do, so you do what you like to do, and I would keep doing what I would love doing so. still, I know, in future there will be mistakes ( some grammatical, and some spell) in my written material though I plan to be careful in my writing and will double-check my error before publishing, I also know nothing is perfect, no buddy is perfect in this world we all just try, and I will try and hope to be perfect from now on.